What we do

Who we are

Financial Freedom Academy (FFA) is an international financial solutions organisation
that partners with local and multi-national businesses to promote workplace financial
education and planning for employees and business owners. We are committed to
empowering individuals and employees with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to
make informed financial decisions that create value for them and the organisation at
At the core of our organisation is a deep passion to engage discerning organisations and
employers of labour who are fast realising that a knowledge worker is a happy worker
and a happy worker creates wealth and value for the organisation.

What we do

We provide hands on financial education and coaching programmes aimed at helping
employees and senior executives make the most of their income and the total reward
package. Our programmes are designed to help participants appreciate the importance
of financial planning, making the most of their total emolument package to build
wealth and prepare for retirement.

How we do it

We provide workplace financial education and coaching workshops for employees of
Our programmes are delivered by seasoned financial planners and coaches with years
of experience working in the financial industry and the public and private sector.
We do not sell financial products and have no affiliations with any financial institutions.
The financial guidance we provide is therefore bespoke and unbiased.