The peril of Healthy Eating

I wonder if it’s the infamous ‘mid-life’ crisis but having hit the Forty mark not long ago, I have become more conscious of what and how much I eat. Not that I am able to keep up with the discipline... Read More

Everyone Needs A Financial Life Plan

  Dipo Akinrinlade of the Financial Freedom Academy interviewed George Kinder, the globally renowned Father of Life Planning on why life planning is essential in helping people fulfil their truest dreams.   Dipo and George Kinder  

5 Lessons Margaret Thatcher Taught Us About Money

Love or loathe her, Margaret Thatcher was an enigma! Visionary, controversial and decisive (some say stubborn), she made her mark in history- for better or worse. Respected and despised in equal measure, everyone has their own opinion of her. One thing we can not deny about Lady... Read More

Money Sickness Syndrome? Do the Test

Have you wondered why worrying has never been a solution to money problems? Every time you worry about money or money issues, you diminish your capacity to be creative. Worry is a negative emotion, which doubtless except in few cases... Read More

What Stands Between Me and Stupid

If I had a tenner for every time someone asks me ‘why should I pay a financial planner/adviser/coach to help look after my finances.’ I’ll be very rich by now. Imagine the look on someone’s face when I tell them... Read More

Know! – Woman No Cry!

Enter a woman in her early fifties. Deborah was a financial controller of a multi-million pound manufacturing company. She had just overcome a battle with cancer,  – without taking time off work despite several harrowing medical treatments. She is brave! She... Read More

Sandwich Generation, Hello!

Ever felt the pressure of having to look after your aging parents AND your young children at the same time? Have you ever had to make the hard choice between paying your children school fees and sending money to Papa... Read More

Book Review: The 7 Secrets of Money

Most people would describe books on investing as ‘full of jargon‘ and ‘incomprehensible to an ordinary mortal‘ but not The 7 Secret of Money. This book get top marks for its simple, jargon-free and easily digestible exposition on the subject... Read More