Employee Workplace Financial Education

Employees Matter Most.
At Financial Freedom Academy, we know the most important asset of any business is its peo-ple. We offer a broad range of solutions to help you meet your business objectives as well as satisfying your employees’ needs.

From reviewing and auditing your existing employee benefits offering to designing and man-aging a package that your workforce will embrace, we help you control cost and get the most out of your employee benefit spend .
‘Only benefits that really engage employees can have any real effect on recruitment, re-tention and reward. Increased engagement is however not just about benefits provided. The way in which they are accessed and communicated is equally important’
– Employee Benefits Survey (May 2012)

Understanding Your Benefit Package
Our approach to communicating employee benefit is refreshing and engaging and re-flects organisational core values, culture and ethos in the management of your;

  • Core Benefit Package: Traditional pack-age of employer-paid benefits in which employees can opt out, or switch between perks.
  • Flexible Benefits: Package of employer-paid benefits that enable staff to switch between two or more benefits, or between employer-paid perks or cash
  • Voluntary Benefits: Products or services on which the employer negotiates a dis-count with suppliers, but which the em-ployee pays out of his or her net salary.

Our Services:
We offer bespoke and affordable support options that cover;

  • Group Risk Management
  • Employee Health & Wellbeing
  • Benefit Communication
  • Workplace Savings Schemes
  • Workplace Financial Education
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Training

Our Clients

  • Lafarge
  • Unilever

A well designed and managed employee benefit package is a win-win proposition for employees and employers’ -FFA