Financial Freedom for Gen-Y

Imagine the incredible financial challenge young people (21 – 34yr) face in their lifetime: dealing with average student loan of £25,000, saving up to buy their first home, wedding costs, taking care of their parents who are increasing living longer and unlike the baby boomer parents, this generation have to take a greater responsibility for saving for their retirement and future in general.

FF4Y is a financial coaching programme specifically designed to help young adults face up to their financial reality and develop the foundational skills they need to meet the challenges ahead of them.

FFYA helps adults manage their money wisely, deal with their debt and achieve their financial goals.

Modules includes:

  • Setting and Achieving Financial Goal
  • Landing Your Dream Career/Business
  • Budgeting
  • Avoiding & Dealing With Debt
  • Getting on the Property Ladder/Home-Ownership Scheme

Paricipant will go away from this event with a clearly laid out financial plan and the know-how to achieve their financial goals.