Money Sickness Syndrome? Do the Test

Money Sickness Syndrome? Do the Test

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Have you wondered why worrying has never been a solution to money problems?

Every time you worry about money or money issues, you diminish your capacity to be creative. Worry is a negative emotion, which doubtless except in few cases produce negative results. It can affect your judgement and general decision-making leading to what some experts call ‘Money Sickness1

Survey carried out by leading insurer AXA showed that almost 45 percent of adults in the UK have exhibited Money Sickness Syndrome. This result doubtless will surprise those in developing countries who often assume that people in the Western world have little  money worries.

Reasons why people worry about money

  1.  ‘If I do not worry, people won’t think I am serious’
  2. ‘Worrying is shows I am thinking of a solution’
  3. ‘Maybe someone will notice and help me’
  4. ‘That’s a way to keep myself busy pending when I get a solution’

According to some studies1, money worry is not only as a result of lack of money but could also be as a consequence of:

  • Unbalance or conflict between desires and conscience and a times a consequence if aberrant money behaviour.
  • Feelings of not having control of your money
  • Feelings of having limited knowledge of one’s financial circumstance


Whilst these are all legitimate feelings, they are not enough reasons to worry.

Worrying about money related issues for example whether you can afford your unborn baby, impending wedding or school fees etc will NOT produce the money needed. Neither would worry about your future investment performance change the results.

How to avert money worries.

There is a saying, ‘there are two things you must not worry about: what you can change and What you can’t change’. Rather than worry about what you can change, just change it! In the same manner rather than worry about what you cannot change, leave it! If however you believe in God, then pray it will work in your favour.

So what can you change? You can change your spending habit, attitude towards money, your behavior towards saving, your approach to investments, work ethics and team dynamics.

What can you not change? You have little or no influence over nature, the weather, certain Government legislations, the way other people feel about you etc.

So every time you think there is a reason for worry, take a combined dose of what I call ‘WorryFreetamins’ – What you can change and What you cannot change.

If you can do this, you would have increased your capacity to find creative solutions to financial and life problems.


Remember what the Holy Scripture says, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life’s span? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?” 2

So as you step into the year, build your immunity against Money Sickness Syndrome with your Worryfreetamins’

Have a worry-free year!

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