Outplacement Services – Workshops

Most people will experience redundancy voluntarily or involuntarily at least once in their careers. For affected individuals and organisations, it is usually a stressful and difficult event, in which external support is invaluable. Employees whose roles are made redundant often go through a whole range of emotions – shock, disbelief, mistrust and anxiety – perhaps even anger and bitterness. Unless these employees are supported quickly and effectively, these emotions may spread throughout the organisation, damaging ‘survivor’ motivation and trust.Recognising the need for urgency, the objective is to provide individuals the support that can help them secure the new role in the shortest possible time. 

This workshop is designed to enable participants to make sensible decisions and find the resources they need for this career transition and to move on as quickly and as successfully as possible.To identify where their talents and experience can be used to give them the benefits that they deserve, within an organisation that is right for them.


Learning objectives:

The 2-day course is intended to provide participants with an understanding of the processes of managing the career transition and to explore the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide.


The Course Outline covers the following:


  • Coping with Change
  • Identifying and developing skills that are high in demand.
  • Writing CVs and applications that get noticed
  • Better Understanding and Exploring the Unadvertised Job Market
  • JobSearch Techniques and Networking: LinkedIn and other social media
  • Job referral techniques.
  • Interview Coaching & Preparation
  • Personal assessments or vocational tests to determine participants’ abilities and job preferences (Career Assessment/Testing)
  • Evaluating job offers (to help participants in making best decisions)
  • Negotiating salary and benefits.
  • Developing Business Ideas and Business Plans
  • Managing Personal Finance

Benefits to participants:

By the end of the workshop, delegates will:


  • Appreciate redundancy as an opportunity to review their career and take it to the next level
  • Leave with an objective appraisal of their career options. This could include career advancement, career change, interim, contracting or self-employment.
  • Leave with a bespoke personal template of CV that stand out.
  • Have an insider knowledge and access to all areas of the unadvertised job market including provision of contacts within the business and headhunting communities.
  • Make the change work for self and family relationships
  • Manage personal budgeting and finances more effectively: Budgeting, Cashflow planning, investing.
  • Develop business ideas and a plan for alternative sources of income

We offer group or one-on-one career counseling or coaching on accessing job-seeking portals – how to contact search firms and employment agencies.

There is no cut off point for the individual support we provide – we remain available to provide advice and support until the client secures and settles in to a new job.